What is a Slab

The Slab comes from boys sittin low to the Slab(the ground). It later expanded to  represent Slow, Loud And Bangin. A Slab is very similar to donks and low riders but there are differences. You have to have candy paint, Swangas and Vogues, 5th wheel with swanga that recline, 6th wheel(optional), Buck insides(leather), grille and woman, pop trunk, and belts and buckles. A Slab car has to be really customized, from the insides all the way to the outside. Some people throw swangas on their car and say they have a slab. It takes a lot more than swangas to make a complete slab. Now there has always been drama on what a slab is and what type of car is a slab. Some of the kats like myself are from the OG S.U.C. era (the 80s and early 90’s) would most likely pull out a Cadillac, Oldsmobile,  Buick, or Lincoln that was made in the 60s, 70s, or 80s (Preferably a drop) The younger kats are making the newer 90s, 2000 and up cars into slabs. I feel if you run all the way through the car you have a slab, I just prefer the olders ones.  The car HAS to have swangas to be a Slab. You might have a car with nice wheels but it’s not a complete slab until you rollin on them 3s or 4s (83s or 84s swangas)